Introducing Foul Play

Reading through a multitude of sports stories each day, there’s one thing I can always find in the news feed that shouldn’t be there.

Among the match reports and the on-field highs and lows, there will invariably be a story about an alleged assault by a sportsman, coach or spectator against a woman, women, girl or girls.

While I started this blog a year ago to write about the funny side of sport, I have been drawn continually to this darker aspect and explored it in a number of posts.

Like this one on Ray Rice. This one on attempts to play down his assault on his then fiancee. This one on Floyd Mayweather. This one on sexist traditions in cycling. And, to mark International Women’s Day just last week, this one on double standards in sport.

The nature of the news cycle means we view these acts in isolation, one at a time, each erased by a more recent example.

Lumped together, hopefully they’re harder to ignore.

So today, I’m introducing Foul Play, which attempts to document inappropriate acts against women. Today’s edition lists 10 alleged incidents over a two-week period.

These are the ones we know about, the ones that make the headlines. If you know of others, I’d love to add them to the list.

Many of these examples are subject to investigation and their day in court. In future editions, I will track those developments.

Please share your thoughts on this subject. There are many angles to explore.

Foul Play

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