boxing kangaroo

Welcome to kazblah.

I write sports commentary with (hopefully) a touch of humour. You may detect a very slight bias to Australia. I’m sorry, I make no apologies for that.

Am I qualified to write on sport? You be the judge. I was a journalist for 10 years, in which time I wrote a grand total of one sports story, an interview with Garfield Sobers which led to a dance with Curtly Ambrose.

But since starting kazblah, I’ve become one of 20 or so sports blogs worldwide recommended by WordPress. And I’ve been given guru status on the sports website, The Roar.  Plus, I’m as good a couch potato as anyone.

Anyway, grab yourself a cuppa or something stronger, put your feet up and take a few minutes. I hope that visiting these pages will give you a smile, a chuckle, perhaps even a snort laugh.

Warning: this blog occasionally strays into non-sports topics like Eurovision. Only occasionally.

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  1. aspangus says:

    Hey, My name is Angus and I would really love to contribute to your website in some way, social media or writing. My email is aspangus@outlook.com


  2. conundrumwriter says:

    Hey. So after a lot of searching, I have finally found a blog that covers an area of sports that is NOT baseball/basketball/football. I mean cricket and tennis. I hope you would continue updating both the sections. I am more of a cricket fanatic, and hope to see your views on cricket 🙂
    – Blog Mysteriously.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kazblah says:

      Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your mysterious blogging!


  3. gtallman says:

    Hi, I’m an app producer who is in crowd funding right now for a brand new sports app. I was told that the best way to get more pledges would be to find bloggers in my niche, and I know that most of them probably won’t give me the time of day, but I really want to see my idea come to life, so, I was wondering if you would be willing to post my campaign on your blog, and in return, I would put “Kazblah” on the “Thanks to” page of the app forever, which would be amazing exposure.

    Here is my page https://sellanapp.com/idea/sports-rep-1/pitch

    It would be so awesome to get a shout out from you guys, but if not no worries! 🙂




    1. kazblah says:

      Hi Dylan. Looks like a great idea. Seems to be a lot of developer interest too. Good luck with it. I’ll be watching with interest over the next 19 days.

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      1. gtallman says:

        Thanks so much!


  4. Mick and Diann O'Mara says:

    Over the past few years we have really enjoyed your commentaries and had many a smile. Mick and Diann


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