Let’s hit the replay button

I’m revisiting some earlier blog posts today to catch up on a few recent developments. And because I couldn’t choose just one. A bit like the dilemma I face any time I’m offered a box of Cadbury Favourites.

Total nutbag

Our recent tale of Troy and his masochistic approach to endurance sport prompted a wave of readers’  laments about the nutbags in their lives.

Frankly, I had no idea nutbaggery had reached such epidemic proportions. If you know a bloke in his forties who can’t afford a Ferrari, my tip is don’t let him anywhere near a pair of Nikes.

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Now we’ve found the biggest nutbag of all. Meet John van Wisse, with apologies for the budgie smugglers. He’s Australian. And he’s become only the 14th person ever to complete the Enduroman Arch to Arc.

What’s that, you ask? Well, you set out from London’s Marble Arch and jog a leisurely 140 kilometres to Dover. Then you chuck yourself in the sea and swim the English Channel. If you don’t drown, you get to cycle 291 kilometres to Paris. After that, you choose a suitable asylum.

Aussie John set a new record for the event of 61 hours and 27 minutes, even after being detained in Dover as a suspected illegal immigrant!

People power

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US football powers-that-be have admitted they stuffed up after suspending star player Ray Rice for just two games for beating his fiancee unconscious in a casino elevator.

“I didn’t get it right,” conceded NFL Commish Roger Goodell after a month of public outrage.

Then he played the trump card, announcing new penalties for domestic violence, with first offenders to miss six games and repeat offenders out for at least a year and potentially a lifetime.

It’s great to see Roger has learned his lesson. We wait to see if Ray Rice has learned his. And why the hell are fans still shaking his hand?

Welcome back, Mr Phelps

Phelps goes for socks appeal.  Blame geekchic89 for this image
Phelps goes for socks appeal.
Blame geekchic89 for this image

If Rog can do it, so can I. Four months ago, when Michael Phelps announced he was getting back in the pool, I said it was a wet idea.

I was wrong. There are few sights in sport more mesmerising than the Phelps butterfly in full flight. It transcends sport. It’s a work of art. It’s a bloody masterpiece.

It sure beats this sluggos  ‘n’ socks look. Mind you, if I was meeting McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy, I’d probably wear something like this too.

It was great to see Superfish back in winning form at the recent Pan Pacs, even if it meant leaving a few Aussies in his wake. Plus, he had a new trick in his kit bag. A smile.

Hamilton’s hissy fit

This year’s Formula One championship has been a ripper, thanks to three race wins by Daniel Ricciardo and a ding dong tiff between teammates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

The feud got a good head of steam up three months ago in Monaco, when Hamilton wouldn’t even shake the victorious Rosberg’s hand.

More recently in Belgium, Rosberg had a fender bender trying to overtake Hamilton and stuffed it for both of them.

Never one to lose an opportunity to go diva, Hamilton said Rosberg admitted to deliberately causing the bingle. To which Rosberg replied: Pull the other one. Or words to that effect.

Hamilton’s countrymen are getting right behind him, with one English reporter describing him as ‘cement-brained’, ‘playing the victim’ and suffering a ‘persecution complex’.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and Rosberg have apparently made up. Again. Sure they have.

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Kyrgios takes Big Apple by storm

Hot on the heels of his Wimbledon success, Nick Kyrgios continued with his winning ways at the US Open last week, with the New York crowd warming to his colourful and confident ways.

After a few outbursts in his first round match – possibly picked up from doubles partner Bernard Tomic – almost saw him chucked out of the tournament, Kyrgios eventually won through to the third round. One more win and he’d move into the world’s top 50 and pinch the title of No. 1 Aussie from Lleyton Hewitt’s prehistoric clutches.

Alas, he was defeated by Tommy Robredo in four. But watch this space. The force is strong in this one. Despite the dodgy fashion sense.

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Cue the tumbleweed

Seven months ago, I kicked off this blog with an exclusive commentary from Olympics volunteer Vladimir about the Sochi Winter Games. Vladimir was pretty excited.

Given the state of Sochi today, we reckon Vladimir might be at the bottom of a bottle of Stoli. Or maybe he’s more focused on Ukraine real estate.

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